San Bernardino Pool Service & Supply and Riverside Patio N Pool have a huge selection of pool supplies, cleaners, chemicals, covers, filters, heaters, pumps, and other necessary elements to keep your swimming pool looking and working great.

As a pool owner you are responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of your swimming pool. When people get a pool for the first time, they tend not to realize how much work and effort goes into maintaining it. From, vacuuming, skimming, managing chemical levels, monitoring the pump, and refilling, the task of a pool owner is definitely not easy, but with a quality swimming pool supplies on hand, you are going to worry less.

The proper selection of pool supplies will ensure safe and healthy water conditions. For example, pool chemicals are vital supplies that will keep your pool from becoming run over with algea. Also, it will spare you from water-borne diseases. A good quality pool cover, on the other hand, is important to prevent drowning accidents with children or pets and it keeps leaves or other debris out of the water. Pumps are another key to maintaining a healthy, crystal clear pool.

For quality swimming pool supplies in San Bernardino, Inland Empire and Riverside, CA visit the sister pool supply stores of San Bernardino Pool Service and Supply and Riverside Patio N Pool. They carry premier brand name products including Polaris auto cleaners; Kreepy Krauly auto cleaners; Hayward navigator, Pentair WhisperFlo pumps, Pentair FNS, plus diatomaceous earth filters and The Pool Cleaner.